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CortexGearAngryDroids wallpaper
CortexGearAngryDroids wallpaper
CortexGearAngryDroids wallpaper
CortexGearAngryDroids wallpaper
CortexGearAngryDroids wallpaper
CortexGearAngryDroids wallpaper
CortexGearAngryDroids wallpaper
CortexGearAngryDroids wallpaper
CortexGearAngryDroids wallpaper
CortexGearAngryDroids wallpaper
CortexGearAngryDroids wallpaper
CortexGearAngryDroids wallpaper

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Is a classic 3D Sci-Fi shooting sidescroller where quick tactics and skills need to be in harmony the beat the game. A run-and-gun shooter with both mouse and keyboard controls at the same time.

An adventure game with an emotional story and epic game-play, it's a game for PC, Mac and Linux.


In CortexGear AngryDroids, you play as:
An alien (main character) hacker who take control of a CortexGear (A robot with an implanted brain) in order to eradicate angry droids.

The alien is one of the last survivors from a Cortex war (A war based on hacking the opponent) against the AngryDroids.

The alien is also from an upgraded generation of CortexSoldiers (Soldier with great hacking abilities), the generation that ended the ultimate CortexWar against mankind. Discover the extra-terrestrial true origin through the game’s story, in a world infested by angry droids.

Full Story


Rise Of The Imbeciles

They used all the resources, strangle the entire planet from its oxygen, burned all the trees, turned lands into sand and dirt, killed half of the entire life form and pissed off mother nature. This imbecile race ran away from the problem instead of finding a solution, like real cowards. After leaving their only home, they survived on a ship for so long that they started managing themselves to find a new planet to live in. They went across the galaxy hoping to find something, but they ended up finding a few planets infested by living creatures. Some creatures were very intelligent and others weren't, but for unknown reason the imbecile race started battling with the intelligent ones. Planet after planet, they destroyed alien civilizations and took their technology for their own.

One day, they found a breathable planet occupied by an alien race looking like humanoid cephalopod limbed with tentacles. They were extremely intelligent creatures and very kind. They had a powerful military force and they were enormously advanced. Humans, for the first time came in peace begging the cephalopods to let them live on the planet. Humans went through difficult situations and looked really hopeless. When the alien race named Droumans saw this, they couldn’t say no because seeing Humans suffering reminded them of their difficult and dark past. They also accepted because they saw love in the eyes of the imbeciles, a magic that faded out from their heart after their dark past.

The Ultimate Cortex-War

Then, Humans and Droumans lived together and shared their experiences. Humans showed the aliens how to manifest their love, mostly by arts, and furthermore Droumans help them to recover from the pain that imbeciles’ minds endured. They became good allies until the cephalopods showed their secret: a powerful machine capable of changing the molecular system of any planet depending on its density. Humans felt like god rewarded them for being patient, their eyes were full of water and their minds were now clean enough to lead themselves. At this moment Humans started become more vicious and then asked the tentacle creatures to use the secret machine, so they can use it to recuperate their planet. Since Droumans refused, Humans started plotting against them. They were ready to kill and destroy anything on their way just like pirates.

The pirates started studying and stealing the Droumans military forces, and when they had everything to destroy the alien, they attacked them with great power. The cephalopods were physically stronger than Humans, so they went to war on a different form called Cortex-War: A war based on hacking the enemy’s devices and using it against them. For this kind of war battlers had special soldiers called Cortex-Soldiers: A soldier with great hacking abilities. Droumans were very swift and responsive on the battle field with their multitasked suit capable of casting a shield. Humans on the other hands had a robotic armor suit capable of moving fast and crushing everything on their way. When they bombed their enemies, cephalopods became angry and blind creatures with a big trust issue, they were ready to destroy the entire planet once again just to get rid of their new enemy. Humans were wining the war by using their robotic armor suit, but Droumans were clever enough to develop a new way of hacking which allowed them to take control of the pirates’ robotic armor suit. The imbeciles really felt like imbeciles, so they stopped using the robotic armor suit and train their cortex-soldiers to be more bionic. In this way they were powerless and slower, but supple, small and smart enough to overtake any war machines. In other words, Humans were once again wining the war.

Everything changed since that day; Droumans became monsters once again and used their unforgotten dark past to win the war. They failed in the past because they created an intelligent army of robots that turned against them, but for the cortex-war against Humans they decided to put a brain in their robots, the brain of the best cortex-soldier that they cloned to have a lot of brains. The droids they created that they named cortexgear were very fast, strong, could hack very fast and it was mostly impossible for these to being hack, because of a technic that would analyze a corrupted signal and push it back. The droids were too powerful and Humans felt really, but really imbecile, so imbecile that they ran away like cowards, but Droumans tracked those down until they anger slowly fade away by burning everything that left from Humans. Droids sounded like demons because their brain had so much rage against Humans. The best cortex-soldier saw his parents killed by Humans in front of him, he had problem to control himself when he got mad, he grew up with the obsess of destroying Humans, and his life’s goal was based on killing humans. Then, when Droumans won the war they were completely different, they couldn’t believe what happened and what they did to humanity, but they were proud and happy because they finally felt alive, fighting for what they wanted was a cure for their bored life.

Angry Droids

Unfortunately, using darkness brings more darkness and Droumans faced their dark past once more, by trying to avoid it. They feared their dark past so much that they tried to get rid of droids, but droids had a brain and they understood what cephalopods were trying to do because they had the same thoughts of the best cortex-soldier. They stepped up and said that they can feel, think, dream and they had the rights to live. Droids knew they were stronger and gave the cephalopods the choice to be with or against them. Droumans were scare of losing everything including their joy of life Humans shown them. Consequently, they decided war and droids responded with destruction.

The cortex-war against the droids started in the main city called Capital City where droids were destroying everything. Droumans started taking control of the situation because they had a code that helped them hacking the droids. At this moment, still in the main city, droids went through the cloning lab and took the clones. While the cephalopods were winning the war, the droids took over a basement far away from the city and started building ships and spying robots like drones. They used the robots to keep track of the Droumans activities while they abandoned the rest of the cortexgears to gain more power and rise upon the aliens.

After a year of finding new pieces, building a flying basement, creating more droids and crafting new armor suit, cortexgears were now ready to strike back with their new army. They returned to Capital City and saved their brothers from the droumans threat. The new cortexgears TR2-D47 were faster, suppler and less vulnerable with a new unknown code to get hacked. The older droids were not happy because the new cortexgears left them for dead. Even if they came back to help, it was against their mentality because they starting thinking like humans and droumans. Droids had no king because everyone was equal and every life mattered, but the new cortexgears started using each others like objects, and that is how the older droids felt. Because of this conflict, the elders started battling with the new cortexgears.

At this moment, the droumans had time to create a robot called TW-124 UperWheel specializes in killing those angry droids, and other war machines. However, TR2-D47 cortexgears created a huge machine capable of destroying an entire army, and these TS-Guardians were design to be destroyed by the new generation of droids. Unfortunately, elders became powerless and rusty droids until the city became a dark place where they can hide. Elders could see in the dark, but not the new cortexgears because they couldn’t get the materials to do it. Elders also become powerful in their dark environment because they were no longer hackable. They were too rusty to let any signal going through and became some type of zombie-robots. The game changed, and droumans lost the war when they sent soldiers to protect the chemical factories all over the planet: Factories that worked together to change the molecular system of the planet. The new cortexgears used their mother-ships after the destruction of their basement caused by the droumans, and then started hacking and taking control of the others war machines.

The droumans who survived the cortex-war were forming small groups and one of the largest group found human survivors, the imbeciles were hiding into deep caves and grew in power to strike back, but they teamed up with the droumans to take back their planet because they found an explicit hieroglyph. Together, they became the Resistance and moved to the sky rocks: A place where huge lands of rocks are floating in air. In the north there was a camp of survivors with people who deserted the civilization because they were against the cloning decision of the mad king. The commander of this camp went to the cloning lab searching for survivors, and ended up finding a surviving clone. Then, the deserters found the creation plan of a TR2-D47 in the destructed basement of the cortexgears infested with mutants. With the hacking code and the best cortex-soldier’s clone, droumans was able to plot and strike the droids empire. The Resistance maliciously used the clone and the mutants to destroy the angrydroids.

Vengeance Of A Crawling Anger

After the destruction of the TR2-D74 and TR2-D47 Cortexgears Empire, humans acted like untruthful creatures. Droumans felt stupid to bound creatures out from their home, so they said that they will help Human get back their planet because they discovered that this planet was for the Homo-sapiens, but the imbeciles kick them out after using them. Humans never wanted to live with the aliens, but only use them like towels. So another cortex-war occurred and humanity was dominating because they were plotting against the Drouman, since the beginning of the Resistance.

Droumans had no other choice than take cover inside Capital City where the zombie robots governed the city. Humans pushed the cephalopods to battle with the cortexgears, but after a few weeks droumans started working with the zombies. They had the same way of thinking, they wanted the same thing and droumans finally understood that they had nothing to fear of. They accepted each others and started working secretly together. Living in a blazing darkness got these zombies really old and rusty, which turned them into vampires when they got in the sun for too long.

While droumans were managing themselves to create new suits for the vampires, humans strategized a way of telling the mutants that the cephalopods were behind the walls of Capital City. These malformed clones hated the Drouman because they got chased by them during the age of the angry droids, then Drouman used and sacrificed the mutants they captured so they can destroy the CortexGear Empire. Even united, Drouman and cortexgears had no chance against these powerful mutants. The mutant attack forced the cephalopods to stop their activities and elders had no choice but to stay and fight in the darkness. The only possible way to kill the transmuted was to push the secret machine’s control center to explode, which was located inside Capital City, but this would destroy the entire city that was made to control every FACTORY PILARS and changed the molecular system of the planet. The vampires proposed them as a sacrifice because either way they were bounded to death. While zombies were holding the mutants, droumans escaped and the city exploded destroying everything inside it.

During the battle of the matching minds, the seagorllaz tribe came out of the ocean very angry. Humans were living peacefully and stressfully on the sky rocks until these primates attacked them. Seagorllaz hated Human because thousands of years ago; humanity flew away and let these earthling primate suffer like never before, they also became carnivores because of Human. Seagorllaz were analyzing humans since the ultimate cortex-war, they learned how to use guns and manually destroy robots. The first strike dealt great damage to humans, but then imbeciles strongly responded. Human had more power than ever, they took the military force of the TR2-D74 and TR2-D47 Cortexgears Empire, built a huge basement on a perfect and protective location, and had too many soldiers.

Drouman were too afraid and too angry to wait for a cortex-war, so they went to war immediately after the explosion. During their way toward the enemies’ basement, they found the first mother-ship of the cortexgears and used its contents as weapons and gears. Fortunately, the cephalopods had allies when they reached Human’s basement. Drouman and seagorllaz fought side by side to destroy humanity. It was a bloody and emotional cortex-war, but humans deserved it. There were now no trace of mutants, cortexgears and humans. Seagorllaz returned to their original life style and the droumans that survived the cortex-war built a new life as aquatic earthling creatures. Then earth once again found its true peace.

(Prologue) Dark Past

Close Story


CortexGear: AngryDroids is a challenging action-adventure game where you have to think logically to find your enemy's weaknesses, to trick your enemies with traps and solve draconic puzzles.

You will also be hacking computers, master the use of tricks and combos, because the places are vast and hostile. The way forward is not always clear, and death will meet you as soon as you let your guard down, but be brave, fight well and explore carefully, because droids are angry, and share none of your weak human emotions. No pity.


As my first game,I wanted to show people what we can do with a free game software, basic scripting, no model from MAYA or BLENDER, only (Spheres, Squares, Cylinders, Capsules), FL studio, Gimp and can still make a good game with a nice game-play,great story and style. My goal is to show that good graphics doesn't make a good game. I think that most of the games these days focus on graphics and techniques, which is good, but I think a game need more and basics stuff to be a good one: A story, gameplay and style.

Developer,Storyboard Artists,Character Artists,Level Designers,Texture Artists,Sound/Audio,Testers:

Jordan Benoit-Ancion


Efe Tozan

CortexGearAngryDroids ESRB Rating
CortexGearAngryDroids ESRB Rating
Genre: Action, Adventure, Strategy, Shooter, Platformer, Horror
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player, Multi-player, Cross-Platform Multiplayer


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